ATTN: If your company staff needs computers to work from home...

"MCO again?? No Worries."

Get The
Laptop Package

Operate As Usual, Meet Project Deadlines On Time And
Avoid Wasting RM 10,000+ In Disinfection Services.
And Swab Tests

Delivery In 24 Hours

(Klang Valley & Selangor)

Why Rent Laptops For Staff To
Work From Home?

Don’t know when the MCO will end?
Don’t know when it’s safe to work in the office?
Don’t know when the SOP rules will loosen up?

Malaysia Businesses Are Now Plagued With Uncertainty...

We don’t know when will things “return back to normal” and everyone can just work at the office.

This causes real trouble at a LARGE scale.

In fact, 67% of businesses have to ask their staff to work from home.
Which means…

Forced To Shut Down Anytime
(With Minimal Notice)

And when it’s your turn to reopen,
you have no idea when the cases will shoot up AGAIN.

Even though everyone in the company (and all visitors)
follow the SOP strictly…

Operating With A Ticking Time Bomb

In other words..

We Can’t Keep The Virus Away Forever.

As long as there are people entering the workplace,
the risk of infection will always be there.

But It Doesn't Have To Be This Way.

Many other Malaysia companies have found the way to:

  • Still be productive and meet deadlines during MCO
  • Avoid needing to constantly pay for employee swab tests
  • Stop wasting money on workplace disinfecting services

I am very happy to share this solution with you.

Who Is Mymaxpro?

Mymaxpro have been renting, selling and repairing computers since 2004.

Since MCO 1.0 in March 2020,
We've been helping companies move towards "work from home".

One Of The Few Who Maintain Near 100% Positive Feedback On
Malaysia eCommerce Platforms (Lelong, Lazada, Shopee)

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Our Clients:
The 4 Pillars Of A Highly Effective
Remote Workforce

How To Assist Staff To Be Productive When They Work From Home

All Software Installed And Ready To Work

Windows Updated To The Latest Version +
Installed All Software Used For Malaysia Office Work

The Number 1 Reason People Make Mistakes At Work Is Because
“They Get Distracted And Lose Focus”.

We had an interesting observation while working with office staff…

Every time they have to wait for the computer to load,
they will check their smartphone.

You can imagine, the office staff with slower computers made the most mistakes during work.

And most of our phones are full of notifications.

“Checking what is on their smartphone” will soon turn into
“Checking messages on WhatsApp”.

No wonder they keep making mistakes.

This time it will be a few typos when using Microsoft Office,
next time it will be calculation error in Microsoft Excel.

After we gave them high performance computers,
there is no “waiting for computer to load”.

The computers respond immediately when they switch from Google Chrome to Microsoft Office.

We noticed they stopped checking their phones every few minutes.

The results?

Not only did they complete their work much faster,
the mistakes from “human error” went down significantly.

The staff we interviewed also told us:

“it felt much better using these computers”

“it doesn’t feel frustrating because the computer doesn’t freeze”

“I no longer delete the wrong thing because the computer responded slowly”

Total Peace Of Mind

Coffee Spill? Theft?
Kids Jump On The Laptop?

Some staff are reluctant to take company laptop because “something might go wrong”.

Our warranty & insurance covers Everything.

Answer All Questions & Solve IT Problems

Why Is My Computer Behaving Strange?

You do not need a tech support staff when we have your back.
We’ve been solving computer problems since 2004.
Forget next business day, we’ll assist your staff to diagnose and solve the problem the same day.

Collaborate With Co-Workers

Connect With Co-Workers +
Eliminate All Sources Of Distractions

  • Audio & Video Cables
  • Audio & Video Converters
  • Noise Cancellation Mic
  • Noise Cancellation Headphones
  • 2nd Monitor To Share Screen During Meetings
  • Ergonomic Mouse
  • Crystal Clear Webcam
  • High Clarity Speaker

Standard Package

(Laptop Only)
from RM 100
  • Minimum 5 Units
  • Ready To Go Laptop
  • 1 to 1 Warranty
  • Tech Support & Remote Assistance
  • Virtual Meeting Ready
  • Insurance (Total Protection)

Premium Package

(Laptop & Support)
from RM 120
  • Minimum 5 Units
  • Ready To Go Laptop
  • 1 to 1 Warranty
  • Tech Support & Remote Assistance
  • Virtual Meeting Ready
  • Insurance (Total Protection)

Work Smart & Safe

(Full Package)
from RM 180
  • Minimum 5 Units
  • Ready To Go Laptop
  • 1 to 1 Warranty
  • Tech Support & Remote Assistance
  • Virtual Meeting Ready
  • Insurance (Total Protection)

We Cover Klang Valley & Malaysia

Where To Rent Laptop In Malaysia

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Picture what would happen if your employees get infected by the sneaky virus…

You Have To Pay A HUGE Amount Of Unexpected Costs.

Not only do you need to pay around RM300 for each employee to conduct a swab test

You have no choice but to pay RM 5,000 to RM10,000 or more, just to disinfect your office environment.

And that is just one (1) single case.
Imagine if that happens more than once.

Your Cash Flow Gets Affected

Even if there’s only one infected case near you, you may still have to shut down for days or weeks.

The business will not be able to operate, your team will have difficulties meeting deadlines and you’ll still have to pay for all the regular business expenses.

This puts you in a tough financial situation and a lot of stress.

You Lose Years Of Time

We can always generate sales to make up for lost revenue, but we can never make up for lost time

Because of MCO and shutdowns, many business owners are forced to delay their life plans.

Some are forced out of the business they spent decades building, just because they weren’t prepared for this.

Now You Have 2 Choices

Mymaxpro Triple Guarantee

Genuine Software & Hardware Guarantee
24 Hours Delivery Guarantee
High Performance Guarantee
"During these challenging times,
Mymaxpro is striving to give back.
Here is how we can help your company.

Risk Free Promise:
I’ll deliver the computers to you.

If you aren’t completely and totally satisfied with the computers,
I will do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied,
or you’ll get 100% of your money back."
Yeap Soon Aik
Mymaxpro Owner
Rent Computers For Your Business