It all started in Yeap's bedroom...

How a Penang-born Computer Geek turned an
inconvenience into a million-dollar business.

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Mymaxpro History

Where It All Started

Searching for an obsolete memory module, he did his first trade online in 2004 through an online forum for computer enthusiasts.

Seeing someone in the forum was looking for the same part and willing to pay a high price, Yeap sold his knowing he could easily find another now that he knew where to look.

Yeap would continue the cycle of buying and selling until he had enough capital to keep more stock, and went on to become a supplier of parts no longer available in retail computer shops.

Early Beginnings

While studying for his degree in electronics, Yeap would buy mispriced deals from local computer stores and resell them in the forum.

He would pack them with care, bring them to the small post office inside his university and ship them using a local courier.

From there, Yeap slowly expanded his variety of items and found new places to source from.

He also started buying scrap parts and testing their functionality. He sold the non-working ones as scrap or did repairs and sold them as good used products with warranty.


As the company grew, so did the work that needed to be done.

Hiring a few university students part time allowed Yeap to increase his productivity in testing, packing, replying to inquiries and making listings for his products.

The Big Break

Having grown close, an owner of a local computer shop consigned a container of computers to Yeap to sell.

Yeap felt this was his big break and ended up renting a single story shop lot just outside where he was staying.

When the truck with the goods arrived, Yeap was overwhelmed to see that it was easily more than 15x the amount of computers he would normally get with his car.


As units turned into pallets turned into truckloads, the shop lot became too small.

Yeap ended up getting two shops and while the factory he was planning to move to was under construction, Mymaxpro operated from the two shops and continued to expand.

Past To Present

Getting the keys to the new place was a huge achievement for Yeap.

From a university student operating from his bedroom to a computer hardware specialist operating from a 25000 sq ft warehouse.

From serving a few casual users to serving large corporate customers.

Yeap built Mymaxpro up from the ground, and after 18 years it still maintains its 100% buyer satisfaction.

Mymaxpro Company Info:

15, Jalan Pk 8c, Kawasan Perindustrian Krubong,
75250 Krubong, Melaka

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