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Testimony From Joshua, DHL Malaysia

“Speaking from experience of working with different vendors…
When it came to
IT equipment
from turnaround times
to the way they react to our needs
from a business to business perspective

Mymaxpro has surpassed that all”
-Joshua, DHL Malaysia

“Hi guys this is Joshua

I’m from DHL Data Management Global Network Operations and
we have been Mymaxpro’s customers for some time already

We started early this year (2021) and here just give some
reviews about the services we’ve received so far

So just to give a brief background of what we do here practically data
management we deal much with data entry

We have a team size of a few hundred agents and
unfortunately when the lockdown hit when
the pandemic hit last year everyone had to work remotely

And hence the need for individual machines for
each one each
and one of our agents

So we managed to survive last year but DHL being DHL
while most
companies were cutting down their stuffing

We were increasing our headcounts and I would say
at a massive scale by the hundreds

And that led to a need for additional machines

So generally what we do is we purchase additional machines but to
add to the series of unfortunate events

Globally due to demand and supply there’s been a
shortage of semiconductors

I mean there still is and there was
at the point of time quite a major impact

And we needed to hire these new agents and we needed machines

So we were kind of in a desperate situation so we went out
looking for vendors to
help support us in rental machines
refurbished machines and stuff like that for on a temporary basis
until we received our machines

We’ve worked with a few in the past
very difficult or very tedious processes
turnaround times are very slow

I think early this year by accident,
we stumbled upon Mymaxpro
on Google to be honest

I think my director at that time
gave Mr. Yeap a call and just
spoke to him in terms of this is what we needed

To our surprise to be honest it’s not at the reactive time we required but
within the next few days we have already received updates
on the available machines according to what we need

And if i’m not drawing us within the two-week period
we got the machines that we required.

Currently we hold around 150 – 200 machines from Mymaxpro.

To be honest the whole process from the start
when we got affiliated with them
until today
while we’re still using
their services it’s been amazing right.

Speaking from experience of working with different vendors
when it came to
IT equipment from turnaround times
to the way they react to our needs from a business to business perspective

Mymaxpro has surpassed that all”
-Joshua, DHL Malaysia

We Understand Running a business comes with Unpredictable challenges.

However Windows software errors, outdated equipment or
technical issues should not be part of them.

Mymaxpro is your professional IT Partner that
provides certainty in an uncertain business environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Malaysian business owners with peace of mind IT service. We enable corporate Malaysia to achieve maximum productivity and workplace satisfaction.

What We Do

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Finding and maintaining high quality hardware to smoothly run your company can be time consuming, overwhelming and confusing. Let us do the work for you!

Whether it’s whole computers or just specific single parts - we take care of your IT needs while you focus on growing your business.
We lease and sell…

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For more than 12 years MyMaxPro was able to transform the performance of (hundreds / thousands) malysian companies by providing them with high quality IT equipment and supporting them with fast and professional service.

We have what your business needs.

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Our goal is to optimize Whatever you feel comfortable with

Reliable computers

All our products and manually tested before we deliver to customers.

No High Upfront Costs

Forget long invoices!
We offer flexible payment options that suits your company

Fast and Cautious Delivery

We deliver your products very well packed and the quickest way possible

Risk Free Guarantee

Not satisfied? We work things out until you are or get your money back

Professional IT support

Our trained team of IT experts are there to help you with every matter you have

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