Why Are NEW Office Computers Slow?

“Why does it take forever to load Youtube or Gmail or any other website?”

Imagine, the computers you bought just arrived. 
But when you turn them on, something doesn’t feel right.
And now you are worried you will be blamed for recommending this computer to your boss.

Fear no more.

In this article I’ll show you the problem that has been bugging, every IT manager and IT Technician in Malaysia companies.
(And of course I’ll show you how to fix it.)

It’s All (mostly) Microsoft Windows Update’s Fault

Microsoft releases updates for their Windows operating system quite frequently.
While you are updating the computer, your internet connection will be severely affected.
Which is why during the update process, any task that requires the internet will be painfully slow.

What Makes The Problem Worse

This problem will be amplified if

  1. Windows is downloading a lot of updates. 
  2. Your workplace is updating all the new computers at once.
  3. Your workplace doesn’t have blazing fast internet infrastructure

I recently bought a brand new laptop for myself, and it took me 30 minutes to download and install all the latest updates for Microsoft Windows. (Yes, even on a 100Mbps unifi connection)

So what can you do if you are an IT Manager or computer technician?

Here are 4 tips on how to update Windows without causing disrupting the workplace.

1. Schedule Windows to perform updates during non-office hours.

Most Malaysian office workers will require the internet to perform their daily tasks. Which is why you probably don’t want to hog the internet connection with Windows updates during office hours, especially on a busy Monday morning. 

2. Perform updates in batches

The last thing you want to do is set all the office computers to update Windows during Friday evening thinking, “it should be enough time for Windows to update everything over the weekend”.

There is a chance the update will cause problems with the existing software your company is using. While it doesn’t happen frequently, it does happen. I’m speaking from experience. I took a lot of heat because of this. You are going to get into a lot of trouble with your boss when half the company staff cant get anything done because their computers aren’t working on Monday morning.

We’ve learnt the best way to deploy any new software or new update is to deploy them in stages. There isn’t a hard rule. But I recommend trying out a new update on 5% of the office computers just to make sure everything is good. And you can proceed with the rest of the computers 10% at a time.

3. Allow Windows to Download Update from Other PC

We used to download Windows Updates directly from Microsoft’s servers to your PC. 

Yes, I’m aware this is the most secure way of getting untampered update files, it is not the fastest method, especially if you have a slower internet connection. 

Windows 10 does have a feature to reduce to internet usage, here is how to do it.

4. Inform your boss and other coworkers the computers will take some time to be ready.

After making a big purchase, everyone will be excited to try out the new computers. It is normal. (It is human nature.)

They will not be aware of the risks we covered, and you probably don’t want them to have a bad first impression using the sluggish “new computer” while it is being updated.

As the IT manager, you will have to communicate this with them, and we’ve just given you all the information you need to do so.

Of course.

There are many other reasons why your office computers are slow. 
And that is where we can help you. 

Mymaxpro helps Malaysian companies boost their staff productivity, without blowing a hole in the budget. 

If that is what you need, do contact us.

How To Avoid Slow New Computers

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